Death. Just a small 5 letter word but enough to wreck a havoc in everyone’s mind. Speaking of death puts a melancholic, dark image in everyone’s mind. A dark image, full of blood, devils and thunderstorms. A thought which keeps striking my mind is, why does it have to be this way? Why can’t death be portrayed peacefully? Like an angel swooping over a dead body gracefully flying over the clouds…
Death is not as scary as it seems. It is a peaceful way of ending things. Sometimes, it is abrupt, sometimes, it’s not. For some people, life is much more difficult than death. For those people, the only way out of the labyrinth of sadness is to die. Yes, suicide is what i’m talking about. When we say ‘YOLO”, aren’t we being oblivious to the fact that dying is not repetitive either? You don’t live to live, but rather to die. Sounds spooky? Imagine this: you have tons of work to do. You keep doing it, doing it, doing it but it never seems to have a stop. And then, when you finally finish it, there is a great satisfaction you get. Now, try replacing work with life. You live, live, live but after many decades, you’re going to be tired. There would be no surprises, no more fun. And then, to lessen your burden, god takes you to die. There is your satisfaction. I’m not saying life isn’t beautiful, it is! But sometimes, too much beauty becomes boring. Bill gates doesn’t find his money fascinating, it is just a part of his life!The same way, after you’ve lived enough, it’s time to go back home, to go back from where you arrived. And that, mes amis, is your death.

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