The world around me was closing in too tight. There was barely any air for me to breathe, I was too scared. Nothing seemed right. No amount of Google research helped me get through, no amount of positive quotes helped me. It was just me, stuck in this labyrinth of suffering, with no way out. I needed a shoulder to cry on, a voice saying somebody cares; is that too much to ask? No amount of fake-smiles, fake-love could help me end this shit. I needed real love. Screams and slaps turned a daily routine for me. Everyday drama, my depressed self having no other thing to do. I need some light to penetrate the dark void of my life. I was just a speck of dust floating through the ray of sunlight, making it my spotlight. But as soon I floated out of the sunlight, reality hit me hard. I was just a speck of dirt. My brother’s belief in god was fading. It hurt, seeing my 6 year old brother carrying such a heavy burden on his tiny shoulders. I loved him, but their was no other option. It was just us, we had to be the stars in this darkness, we had to sort things out. It was time we did something ourselves, being un-dependent on Google searches and yahoo answers. My dad was completely oblivious to this, as he was not present here at this time. My mother was growing crazy from working so hard, so was my gran. I was sick and tired of this shit. So, we decided something, never to utter anything wrong in front of them. Or rather, try not to. This was not a very difficult thing to do. We were two angry rebels, but fate made us into two tiny loners. We still had hope left that this all would soon end. I love you mum. I love you gran. I’m sorry 😦
P.S. I’m sorry for writing this y’all, but I just needed to share this with someone. Just a little love in my life. That’s not too much.

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