Red ink on my shirt

Dedicated to all the merciless kids who died in the Pesahwar massacre. R.I.P. little angels.

I’m scared to go in, mum
It’s my first day of school.
How will the teachers be?
How will my classmates be?

Will they love me, mom?
Or will they hate?
I don’t want to study, mom,
I want to play!

Okay, I’ll go in if you say so,
My classroom is on the first floor.
1D it says,
Grade 1, division D

Mom, ABCs are boring
and so are 123s
Can’t I play footie with dad?
I’m sure that won’t make you mad

Mom, it’s break time now,
everyone should be happy!
But instead, they’re all scared,
They’re telling me that I should be dead.

I hear shots, mom,
I hear bangs.
I see red flowing through mom,
I think someone dropped their paint.

Mom, everyone is sleeping,
is it bed time already?
Come to pick me up,
I can’t wait to play with daddy!

There are strange men around,
Carrying toy guns,
I have pop-guns too, mom,
Will you please come already?

One of the men is pointing his pop-gun at me,
I find this funny!
He thinks I’m scared of it,
I have the same one at home, laddie!

He says MOVE!
He’s telling me to move, mom.
But I want to go to my mommie,
Mom, this is the last time I’m calling.

He says shoot and I feel something piercing,
I see red pouring out of my chest,
What is that mom?
Is it Halloween already?

Mom, there is ink on my shirt,
don’t be mad at me
Mom there is blood on my shirt,
don’t be sad for me.

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