A Selfless Elastic Band

An elastic band. That’s what she was. She would stretch, stretch and stretch for others. But like all bands, she had an elasticity limit. After which she either snapped the hands of the person holding or broke away herself. And knowing all her selfless acts, she would fly away herself, go back to a corner again, be a loner, loser. She would do anything to save anybody. She had a large heart but with each passing day, it shrunk. She was pulled for long hours each day. Her elasticity limit had been reached and now, he shape was getting distorted. She sagged. The girl, who never showed the world the secrets hidden behind her smile sagged. Her kindness was being over used, her truthfulness was being manipulated and her naïve characteristics were mistreated. She no longer understood the difference between being kind and being a servant. People treated her lime a doormat, wiped their dirty feet on her and just walked on. This tragedy continued for a long time. And then one day, the girl who helped everyone but herself, broke.

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