The state of intense happiness when the world starts fading away and nothing really makes sense anymore. It’s just you and your happiness. Nothing in the between. These kind of situations can arise quite a few times without you even realizing them, most of the times. For instance, when you’re in a sad state, and the world seems dark and depressing blogs like mine are just heaven for you, there is a euphoric moment which soon arises. A smile can be one. Most often, these situations come when either you’re lonely or when you are very lonely. Dark days follow and nothing seems right. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Those times, just a smile, or a hug can literally give you instant wings and make you leap in the air. Metaphor, again. I have this obsession with metaphors right now. I don’t really know why. So, back to the topic. When the world seems to be crashing down, anything kind can seem to be euphoric. For instance, when Gandalf the Grey is trapped in Saruman’s tower and the eagle seeps over to get him, he experiences euphoria. The eagle could have found Gandalf anywhere and flown with him anywhere. But at this instance, because of Gandalf’s situation, anything kind is euphoric. What I want to say is, I feel euphoric. I feel invincible. And the words Carpe diem are forever ringing in my mind.

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