Our night

It was a bright night. It was our night. The stars hung in the dark, like diamonds in the sky. A cool mist blew in the open sky, fogging up the vision of the moon making it look lost and forgettable. The path awaiting us shone, making it look like starlight lining the way .The smell of fresh dew drifted to my nose. A routine chirp of the hopping crickets was audible in the distance. He looked at me, his dark brown eyes shining. The moonlight lined him perfectly. It was like an entire universe was unlocked for me that day. Looking at him made me forget every worry I’d ever had. He knew that. His tousled hair stood on its end. His muscular arms were swinging at his side, feeling every flower, every grass. He looked at me like I was his most prized possession, savoring every part of me. That day, was the best, the best day I’d ever had. Nothing could be compared to our happiness. We were far from home, but together. The night was lovely, and so were we, standing in the tall green grass, hidden from the outer atrocities of the world; holding hands and living a dream.

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