The inevitable

Deep down in my heart
I know the world will be gone
And all that ever existed
Will slip inside the oblivion
And although it hurts
I also know that
We’ll face the doom
And we will pass on
Onto the shadows of the world
Onto the creatures of the night
Onto the gloom of the dusk
But some of us
Wish to be remembered
To be
Not the gloom
But the stars
Who shine on
Even when the world is gone
And everything is over
And the world is reduced to nothing
And our existence is forgotten
These stars will shine
They will show the shadows the way
They will show the creatures how to live
They will help us thrive
To start new civilizations
Perhaps on mars
Or on Jupiter
Or on some non-existent parallel universe
Which we never knew of
They will reflect their humanity
Onto us
And they will inturn
Be remembered
To be the stars;
It is a difficult task
As they are invisible in the day
But the night sky
Depends on these tiny beings
To showcase its beauty
And so
The stars who still live
Listen to the words
Let the world know
Let the universe know
That light doesn’t equate to good
And dark doesn’t to bad
Shine your kindness through the dark
Sprinkle and Sparkle
Manifest your gifts
Flicker a light of hope
Let the night sky dance with joy
Illuminate the dark
Let there be no fright
Let there be no sorrow
Let the world rejoice!
As there comes an inevitable tomorrow…

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  1. shwetarenganathan says:

    This is awesome!


    1. Adt Patel says:

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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