Growing up

Remember the times when we believed in fairies, and magic, and all those things that never actually existed. Figments of our imagination, taking form, living in a make-believe world, and praying for things we knew we could never get, not even in our wildest dreams. Thinking that someone resides above, above the clouds and listens to our sorrows and makes us happy( yes, I’m referring to god, he doesn’t exist!). Those times were the once which we truly enjoyed, everything we wanted was right with us, everything we wanted was real. Those times, when sadness was just an emotion, which we never felt. Happiness was inevitable, and we were content. Invincibility flowed through our veins, we were indestructible. Thinking about the secrets the future would reveal, the intriguing future, would make us jump up high in the air and laugh!
But now, suddenly, it doesn’t seem exciting it all. It’s like a poison, growing up, it slowly kills you, flows through your veins, it’s unstoppable. Suddenly, the thought of growing up seems scary. Suddenly, my dreams are all over and it’s a living nightmare instead. I don’t like this phase, hell, I hate it. Studies are it.
We burn our present as a fuel for the future. Rather than Carpe Diem, it’s studies. Studies are the integral part of our lives and it’s horrible. I wish it all goes back to how it started and I wake up, to realize that my nightmare is over..

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