I try to shrug off the feeling but it just doesn’t seem to stop haunting me. As I went home on that day, my mind was constantly being bombarded with millions of thoughts. What did I do? Why did she say that? We were best friends, star crossed lovers, sisters and what not. We were supposed to start a band together, supposed to sing duets together. Now that I think of those times, I cry. I miss you so much. Your arms were my safe haven. Remember the time when I was sad and I’d have all kinds of suicidal thoughts? I need a ray of hope and lo! You were there beside me. Through thick and thin, through light and dark, you were always with me. We were inseparable, we were bound by the strings of eternity. I loved your sister, your parents, everyone! I loved you so much.
I remember the TROY poster in your cupboard. Remember the time when I had a wild crush on Zac efron? I tried to kiss your poster, I was madly in love with Zac! Oooh, and the FOOTBALL FEVER you had? And the various shades of nail paint you had? Remember when we would be together for sleepovers, we’d pretend that out pillows were our crushes and hug them to sleep? Remember the time when we’d play FLAMES and giggle after every result?
Why did you leave me? What wrong did I do? I never ever ever bitched about you. I swear to god, if I had to speak of one true friend I ever had, it was you. Only you. You were my sister, my bestie, my everything! Why did you let the rumors spoil our friendship? Why did you then pour salt over the wounds by announcing that you’re going away so far? Why did you leave me?
I still have all the songs we wrote. I still have each card you ever gave me, from 4th to 8th. I still have all the memories you ever gave me. I still have the friendship charm bracelet you gave me.
Please don’t let it end like this. You know it kills me. I know it seems too lost, I know our friendship is long gone, buried beneath a mountain of millions of lies but you know me. I like to hang on the frayed strings of hopelessness. I still believe in us. We stand a Chance. Please don’t let it go like this. Please don’t.
P.S. I’m thinking of something.
I love you.

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