The beginning 

It seems like our infinity has been infinitely reduced. The future is shrinking, causing us to become restless. The earthquakes in Nepal are just the beginning. The world is ceasing to exist like we believe it to. People are dying. Soon, the human civilization will be reduced to nothing, perhaps just a page in a history textbook, or a fossil. The oblivion is upon us. The scientists are trying hard to defer it but we all know that this might just be it. There was a time when the dinosaurs ruled, now it’s our time. But, all living things are to die. We’ve been bestowed on this beautiful place we can proudly call home but we’ve been very selfish. Killing animals to eat, cutting trees to build, skinning animals to wear. Why to we do this?  Because we believe that we’re superior enough. We think of ourselves invincible and we slaughter the world as our prize. Oh, how wrong we are! But it’s no use thinking about these things. Let bygones be bygones. Our lives are reducing every second, every tick-tock. The lighted beacons of hope are diminishing as the world steps onto the light of this piece of information. Every breath we breathe becomes shorter and raspier. Every time we’re happy, sadness creeps it’s way towards us. Every time we smile, the world mocks us. It hurls a great ball at us. This ball says death. We are doomed. We are so doomed to witness the decimation of the entire world. Every generation has it’s flaws. May it be the World War, or the Great Depression. Our generation has to bear the burden of the oblivion. Or atleast the fear of it. 

So it’s your choice, really. Choose to Carpe Diem or choose to live in regular manner. I say, give me hope, or give me death.

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