I have a rendezvous with Him

I have a rendezvous with Him,
I have so many questions,
Some unanswered, some rhetorical,
Hopefully they’ll no longer be questions by the end of this meeting
For example,
Why does the world reek of misery and gloom?
Why do some people get everything they want and the others can’t even dream of them?
Why is happiness so difficult to seek, unlike sadness?
Why does the truth hurt?
Why is the world full of self-aggrandizing beings who care SHIT about others?
Why does it feel like the myriad insufficiencies are just too much to hark?
Why does the world constantly suppress positivity and give birth to pessimism?
Why do angels not make themselves known?
Why is it so difficult to succeed in life?
Why do we burn our present as a fuel for the future?
My endless list ceases to exist as the greatest question hits me hard,
Why can’t I be as invincible and strong as thou?
Why can’t I be an immortal being like you?
Why can’t I be delegated the authority of controlling the world?
O lord,
Shed some light on my doubts,
Don’t let me live in a make-believe world.
If you do exist,
Show yourself.
I have a rendezvous with Him,
In my dreams.

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