Let me tell you about a friend of mine,
A little girl,
Her face was beautiful and so was her hair,
Her heart was altogether a truly a different tale.
She was a telltale,
Afraid of losing her name.
She would go around telling people horrid, mean things,
Until one day her heart of ice cracked.
She saw the beauty of the world,
She saw the kindness of the nature,
She truly started contemplating her acts,
But she refused to believe how many hearts she’d crushed.
She worked hard,
She worked hard to erase the wrong image she’d created,
She no longer wanted to be known as a bad girl
She decided to salvage all her kindness and change her future.
She crossed out all her misdeeds,
She started being a good girl
She erased all the melancholy in her mind,
She had now,
A heart like a gold mine.

I still know her today,
She is still trying hard to put a show,
Her face of pretense is cracked,
Her flaws are slowly starting to show,
Her face is tired from smiling so much,
It is time to finally let the world know
That the girl is no longer a kind soul,
She breaks apart like shattered pieces of glass,
The mal rumors are not so long gone,
She now wants to go home.
She cries hard,
She screams as her reputation again goes low
The girl screams and screams and screams
Until someone comes and shows her the mirror.

7 Billion people are reflected in that mirror,
7 Billion inhabitants are shown.
Noone is perfect O little girl,
We all are pretending,
Some are good at it
While some are long gone.
Live in this moment and let the play on,
So now I know what I will do when I grow up,
I will be an actor.
Who says we all can’t go in theatre,
We’ve been actors since we were born.


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