Ode For A Shattered Soul

Crumbling down to pieces,
Here’s an ode for a shattered soul,
The broken pieces of her heart,
Form a dark void, a dark deep hole
The walls of her room,
Are looming right over her eyes,
She cries in misery,
Only to drown in her own tears.
A bright light once shone in her eyes,
A light with a fiercely blinding intensity,
Now it was mostly diminished,
The ashes just remained.
Her dreams and realty collided,
And that’s when she noticed the contradiction
She could never fulfill,
What her heart yearned for.
When things break,
It’s not universe that sets them apart,
It’s not god who sets them apart,
But it is the pieces themselves.
They get scattered so far,
That it’s impossible for them to join.
This was exactly the case with her.
The world was united as one,
Where could she go in?
The world was beaming with joy,
How did she fit in?
Solitude was her only companion,
The demons inside her black heart,
Were now prancing with joy.
They watched her fall,
They watched her melt,
They watched her crawl,
Her pain they felt.
At the last stage of her depression,
She looked me in my eyes.
She told me Don’t let them get to you
And now in my hands her frail body lies.

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  1. shwetarenganathan says:

    oh my gosh wow

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adt Patel says:

      Thanksies much 🙂


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