H.old O.n P.ain E.nds #2 Grief


I saw the world in black and white instead of the vibrant colours and shades I knew existed.
― Katie McGarry

Hey there y’all! Hope you’re doing well.

Grief is another emotion which can make you crazy with melancholy. This period of time is not happy. You might be grieving over the death of someone close to you, losing your loved one to another knight; this period is generally associated with the loss and the burden of an empty heart. Passing just a day without the person seems impossible, forget a whole lifetime. The hole in the heart is real and eternal.
Dealing with grief can be difficult as nothing can take your mind off the one lost. Music just amplifies the pain in this case.
Help can be taken from other people. Go socialize. Talk to someone close to you; a parent, a friend or even just your pet. Just let it all out. Cry it all out. Trust me, crying makes things better. Let it go. Let the grief wash all over you and then let it evaporate. Don’t hold on to it. Holding on is just going to remind you how much you have lost. Find another alternatives for the one. You’re not doing wrong. You’re not betraying the person. In fact, won’t they be happy to see you moving on and having fun? It’ll all be okay, in time. In time, you’ll realize that you’re still living, you’re still alive despite the fact that they’re gone. Time is the best healer you can get. Better than all the quotes, better than all the cheesy blogs like mine (I APOLOGIZE OK :P). Just hang in there sunshine, it’ll be okay.
Now, it will be wrong of me to tell you to just forget the person. Treasure all your memories together. Make a castle of your memories. Hold every moment you’ve ever spent close to your heart. Be nostalgic from time to time. Write letters to them, although they’ll never reach the person. But hey, it’s okay to pretend sometimes. If it gives you happiness, then so be it. Talk to them and they’ll listen to you. They’re always up there, looking out for you.
I, personally, believe in afterlives. They’re just out there, on the corner of your classroom or watching you as you cut your frail bodies. In fact they might just be, get this, sitting right next to you and reading this cheesinees and going all WTF? Doesn’t that feel nice to hear?
It’s okay to give in to the demons of sadness and death, it really is. But the better alternative deals with unicorns and rainbow farts. So tell me lovelies, what would you choose?

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