H.old O.n P.ain E.nds #3 Betrayal

Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?
– Jean Renoir

Greetings lovelies. Doing well, I hope.

This week, we tackle the emotion of betrayal. In the case of this emotion, rather than killing yourself, you could want to kill the person who betrayed you. Your trust may be so badly crushed that the only way to let them be joined back is by blood, regardless of who spills it.
Anger fuels this emotion and blood spilling is inevitable. The tears you spill act as an extinguisher for the flames of your fury so let them flow. Cry. I know I repeatedly say it, but honestly, crying helps. But not more, not less.
The betrayal may be caused due to heartbreak, back-bitching and what not. We are tied by the strings of trust and even if one snaps, the whole structure crumble down, shackling and we are hurt. The best option to decrease the possibility of betrayal is distrust. Stop trusting people so much. There are some people who are leeches; they are stuck to you until they find out all your secrets and then they fade away from your life. Seek the leeches and exterminate them; don’t kill them altogether, kill them from your lives. Avoid them as much as you can because they are awful. I have met people like these and all I can say is beware. They reek with shades of camouflage and they may look like they care, but they don’t.
If you have dealt with betrayal, just let it go. Forgive them, if you think they deserve forgiveness, and forget. If the feelings get too much to handle, try to speak to them. Personally, I write songs for all of my betrayers. I write all the things I’d like to say to them but obviously, never tell them that. They don’t deserve to know what you want to tell them. Write them letters, take their photos and punch it but never let them know. Never, ever. They shouldn’t feel like you care enough to shed tears, because you don’t. You are strong individuals and noone can let you down. Especially not those secret-seeking leeches.
Stay strong and stay gold. If they see that you don’t really care enough, they will repent their actions. Manifest your attitude and let them bathe in shame. If they’re true enough, they’ll apologize. Now, it is upon you whether to forgive or not. Whatever you do, think it through well.
Take care y’all. I’m here for you.


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