Float in the wide vicinity
Searching for what the heart yearns
Keeping a watch over things and how they develop
The world is not as it was
Times are changing
And so are we
We are transforming into the monotonous beings we were designed to be
Robots, they call us
Being a robot is just so easy
We are to do the same thing everyday
Wake up, go to work and then go home to sleep
We follow the same red line everyday
Never step out of our comfort zone
Never broaden our horizons
I wonder when did we lose our sense of adventure to the lords of boredom
I wonder when our life become so planned
I wonder why we burn our present as a fuel for the future
We seek happiness in the wrong places
Like at the bottom of a glass of beer
Or probably at the worn out chairs of our offices
Let the past repeat itself
Let us again have a sense of adventure
So that when we’re 90 and have our grandchildren in our laps
We can proudly look them in the face
And smile with our eyes crinkling with excitement
And speak out in a voice full of respect
Tell them with a melody in our throat
That sonnie,
When I was your age,
I carpe’d that diem.

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  1. Purvi Nair says:

    hey bae, i loved this one…….<3

    Liked by 1 person

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