One touch of nature
Maketh the whole world kin
We go to sleep every night
Blithe in the bliss of the morning
The sky kisses the ground tenderly
The horizon seems infinite and serene
The morning sun is sharp and mighty
A shimmer of golden shaking through the trees
The evening sun; a masterpiece of beauty
Lining the sky with a seductive tinge of red
Stars at the night twinkle so bright
An aura of magnanimity surrounded
Dew drops clinging onto the petit leaves
Like the pearls coming back home
The cool air meanders through the sky
Shimmering everything it touches
The birds chirp in unison
As they build their homes together
The secrets that nature hides
Unrecoverable, unthinkable
All we should do is sit and speculate
Different ways to thank Mother Nature.

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  1. angelward13 says:

    The world is made more than kin by nature. Nature, when inspected more clearly, is a resemblance of all being as one. There is no segregation. No differences. We are more connected to nature than most can fathom. We are nature. You are as beautiful as the things you see… And even more beautiful than you think. God is with you. Check out my page, I’m new to this and have no followers yet.


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