The horror that flashed in my eyes
When I saw the long dead memory rise
I thought I had buried it in deep
But then I saw it resurface
When the dark was looming over my head
I saw a lone candle guiding my path
I followed the apparition out of the void
And into the glory of the sun
I saw the light gleaming at me ahead
And the dark behind me said
Once you step out, you’ll never be safe
I stepped out inside the world so evil
Hoping for an escape from darkness
The days were long
The nights barely showed
And yet I felt sad
I wondered why they still came now
I thought for a long time
I rediscovered my inner self
And then a day I had an epiphany
That shook the ground beneath
The dark didn’t surround
The world wasn’t the demon
I was the dark
And the dark was me.

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