Today, I was watching a video of Vlogbrothers called How to Never Feel Embarrassed Again and it set me off thinking.
In this video, Hank says how if you not value the other person’s opinions, you won’t really find anything they say embarrassing. And that set me off thinking about the fragility of our self esteem and love. We let the words and thoughts of complete strangers shape ourselves and destroy us, we let them carve us and undermine us in every way possible. And even though we pretend that it’s nothing and that we don’t care, deep down we do.
I am not going to deny how wrong that is. But, I will also not deny how many times I let the false statements of other change the way I look at myself. If people give us a positive compliment, we are bound to shrug it off and think that maybe they were just being kind. But give us a negative remark and bam! it’s the SPARTANS all over again.
People give lots of way to get over it: maintain a happy diary, don’t let them get to you, look at the bright side etcetra etcetra. I could never do all that. And I don’t think anybody can get “over” it. Get over what? The fact that a compete stranger just insulted me? Or the fact that what they said might actually be true?
Sometimes, it’s not about not caring. It’s about thinking about the thing the whole day and yet, living. Sometimes, it’s not about crossing the bridge. It’s about just standing on it, looking at the rough waters below and smiling. It’s about letting the thing destroy you and then building yourself back. We don’t need to ignore them, hear them out and who knows? Maybe they bring a positive change in you.
What you should not do is let the fire destroy you and then live in ashes. No. Get up. Go outside. And ok hear this out, if you’re reading my blog, I’m so proud of you. Not because you’re increasing my stats(maybe!!) or because I’m getting the publicity. But because, look at you! Even though you’re sad and you’re having millions of issues knocking at you, you’re chucking all that, grabbing your laptop/phone/tablet/whatever else and reading blogs from WordPress! Isn’t that encouraging to hear?
Make mistakes, rub them off. And then do it again. Cuz the way I see mistakes, they don’t destroy you. They make you clean.

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  1. TheTeenager says:

    I love the picture you put. It’s really simplistic and really beautiful. You’re such a great blogger!! 😊 keep up the awesome work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adt Patel says:

      Thank you so so so much xx


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