Dead & Gone

There she lay,
Tired and exhausted,
The pressure and tension,
Visible in her features,
As her breathing slowed
And her heart stopped,
Memories flooded her mind,
As she sobbed,
Until all movement ceased
Her body rigid
And her eyes blank,
Another one dead and gone.

Rewind a few years,
To when she was young,
There she stood weary but strong,
Valiantly fighting against society,
And bending the rules,
Their eyes looked at her,
Intimidating and cruel
“Another one” they said
“who got a lot of spunk”
Not having realized what she had done,
They tortured her until she crumpled,
The mischief left her eyes,
Making her fumble,
And she existed,
No she never lived,
And did what they told her,
And never what she willed.

And as she lay there,
Before her life ended,
She thought how different
It all could’ve been
Had she been strong and fought like a warrior,
She wouldn’t be laying here,
Counting her last breaths
As the misery of her life
Loomed upon her head.

And she died,
Having never really lived
Thanks to the society
Which always misled.

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  1. Zubaida basrai says:


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  2. Adt Patel says:

    Meri bacchi badi ho gayi :”)

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    1. vivs.potterhead says:

      haanji buddhi!! XD

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