Save her

The great ball of Earth was once
A place we could come back to and call home
A place we could smile upon and praise
I wish I could say the same about today
Today my heart breaks at what I see
A place where animals are dying
And where humanity is faltering
A place where rains are a blessing
And where droughts are increasing
A place where kindness is dying
And where vanity proceeds us all

How did we come to this fate?
How did the world change this much?
One blink, that’s all it took
One blink and now everything’s changed

I wish I could go back to the past
And edit all the pages of today
Look at the yellowed sky
It crumples like old papyrus
Look at the mountains
They are ancient and mortal again
Look at the trees and birds
They’re darkening and dying

Do something O vain beings
Do something to save my mother
I don’t wish to live in a world so dark
Save her
It’s never too late
We need to hang on the frayed strings of our humane side
Let us work hard in unison
Until the day we are snatched by the inevitable
And the day when our mother is immortal again (…)

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  1. Camilla kim says:

    She’s really dying, isn’t she?

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    1. Adt Patel says:

      No lies, yeah she is.


  2. nikita singh says:


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