They didn’t know me
They never will talk to me again
They tagged me of being things I never imagined to be
They called me names worse than my mind said to me
I needed them to hear me out
To console me and burn the negativity
I needed a shoulder to cry on,
Not what I got: a cracked vessel of tragedy
My white robes turned crimson
My back cramped in pain
As I fought myself another war
With those to pretended to be
Friends, they called themselves
They pelted stones at my shattered soul
They poked me at my wounds
They were the fire to my pyre set in harmony
No one cared to wipe away my tears
When I lay breathing my last
They laughed and called me a bitch
They called me fake and termed me a liar
Today, I go to the land beyond life
The land no one has ever seen
I shall die but I set my mark
My legacy
The girl who never backed down,
The girl who was a masterpiece
She called us out but we never heard
She was born and she died
Remaining a mystery.

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  1. This is really powerful and sad.

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    1. Adt Patel says:

      I know, thanks a lot šŸ™‚

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      1. You’re welcome.

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    You are good at making people cry.

    The biggest fan ever

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    1. Adt Patel says:

      Is that a compliment?


  3. Ameena k.g says:

    It is sad how the people who are supposed to lift us up are the same ones who burn us to the ground. I love the character showed. I just wish she’d realised, when you learn to wipe your own tears, the rest would barely matter. šŸ™‚

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    1. Adt Patel says:

      I know, right?
      It really is sad. She had no one to confide her feelings in, not even her own self.

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