Open your eyes, darling
There lies a whole wide world at your feet
Millions of miles line your path
Waiting, patiently waiting to set you free

One step at a time, lil
You can do this, it’s easy!
Believe in yourself and in your might
See the unfurling of your destiny

She sees the worst in you, hon
She manipulates you and she is evil
You are capable of rising to such great heights
Why don’t you just see?

You are a soldier, love
You are a blooming masterpiece
Why are you bowing down to that petty mortal
When will you realize that she’s the enemy?

Look outside your comfort zone, precious
A beacon of strength stands there, dully unlit
Go on, light it up this time
Break the chains and be happy

This is your moment, dearest
One second in the vast eternity
Don’t look back now, you’re too close
Raise your hand to the gods and embark on a journey
To perpetual glory.

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  1. Zubaida Basrai says:

    Love This❤️

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  2. Follow me pllz😯

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  3. joymrad says:

    This is soo beautiful.

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    1. Adt Patel says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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