The sun buckets down a torrent of heat
As we sit in our rooms cursing the lords above
A thin line of sweat sits at the arch of our nose
And makes its way onto the floor

The sky is lit up with blinding blaze
Threatening to boil the blood right off us
The infinite plane makes a regal stand
Until the clouds come drifting by

The clouds overpower the light
They cover the harsh, straining curse
A dark blessing blankets our world
A hush descends in our minds

The serene nature calms our mind
Long enough for us to see
The clouds getting heavy and darker
Waiting for the cold droplets to release

Suddenly we feel like we’re in utopia
Suddenly we feel powerful
Elixir trickles down our heads
And cradles our bodies close

It’s raining! echoes throughout the world
We scream in joy and dance barefoot on the roads
The sunny period left us far behind
To make way for the real lord,
The rains.

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  1. I might not live in the place you’re writing about but I live in Florida… it gets brutally hot here especially during the summer. I almost hate to walk outside the house.. Humidity so bad you just immediately start sweating. I often wonder to myself why the hell did I even take a shower.

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    1. Adt Patel says:

      Haha I’m writing about India. I know what you’re talking about. Take a shower and be out only to be wet with sweat 5 minutes later.
      I don’t go outside the house unless it’s really necessary, especially in the noon.
      Nights and early morning are still okay.

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      1. I agree it’s about the same here late nights and early-mornings… it’s pretty bearable and then as soon as like 10 o’clock hits it’s already in the 90s by noon 1 o’clock it’s in the high 90s with the “real feel” somewhere in the hundreds. The air is so thick with humidity it’s like you’re drowning

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      2. Adt Patel says:

        So true. It not all natural tho, global warming is a motivator to the heat.

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      3. Yeah and it’s funny that people can write that off and say it’s not happening a bunch of fucking morons

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      4. Adt Patel says:

        Totally. People need to open their eyes. It stings or whatever but it is real and it’s happening.

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