She stood still in the harsh waters
With her feet placed firmly on the ground
The wet sand threatened to give away, creating a void
Threatened to suck her in the deep bowels of the Earth

The horizon cradled a setting sun in its arms
And the baby went slipping down each second
She reached out, her fingers almost touching the untouchable
Her goals fluttered past her fingers and flew

The waters lashed at her legs again and again
Fueled and powered up to a high intensity
Each blow was a step taken back
But each blow was two steps crawled forward

She felt the slaps of her fate
Whipping harder as she walked towards the edge
The end was near, she could feel it
Her path was infinite but she could sense it

Negating her gut feels, she looked to the sky
As she stood firm in the lost sands of time, disappointed
Her goals still stared her in the face as if to mock
For no matter how much she walked
The horizon slipped away each time, right through her fingers.

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    Love your posts! Following =)

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