They opened their arms and embraced her soul
They talked about life and helped her find a goal
They opened her eyes and helped her see
All of the things that she was yet to be

Inside their cosy hearts she found,
A doll, with perfect features but a dull, grim mouth
She caressed the doll and vowed to help
Search a smile for the little marionette

They called her for sleepovers and gave her cookies
They traded stories and gave her a large pink hoodie
You’re a part of us, they told her one day
Only with our squad from now you shall play

Inside she went on, deeper down their hearts
She saw the hatred and jealousy that was tearing them apart
She saw the wicked things swirling in their evil, dark minds
And all of the things she’d never hoped to find

They started to show how the world really saw her
They tugged at her blue hair and threw the love away in a blur
They judged her down, increasing her inferiority
They stood her down, showed her their authority

Inside their small hearts she forecefully went,
And sat down on a stool against her own consent
She looked in the mirror and wore a perfect, pink shroud
On her perfect, doll-like features and her dull, grim mouth.

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  1. Zubaida says:

    This is amazing. 🔥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adt Patel says:

      You are amazing 🙂


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