The night of the psychedelic soul

The stars look down upon us
They burn holes through our souls
They carve our bodies into aesthetic objects
We lie scattered all across the dewy ground
The moonlight finds its way onto our bodies
It lights up our spirits and tingles our mind
The air swirls around our hair and makes it dance
In harmony with our light legs skipping across stones
The wind provides us with a silent melody
That makes our hips sway, and that makes our hands pump up
We lose all sense of focus, close our eyes and get lost
We salvage through the ruins of our past
And we rise up to the chants of carpe diem
Our pulse reaches infinity and our heart threatens to spill over
We reach a state of trance and our mind belongs to the night
In a psychedelic spirit we live
We eat, we love, we dance and we fade away.

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  1. This reminds me a lot of my poetry. Check it out and give me some feed back! I think you’ll like the psychedelic feel 🙂

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