Weight of the world

A smile lines her face as she looks at me
Her outline shimmers as the moonlights hits off her soft features
Millions of thoughts bombard my mind as I scrutinize her expression
Millions of opinions fall in my mind as I notice her facade

Her brother lays awake all night thinking about his grades
Sleep is a distant relative for his mind
He burns his present as a fuel for the future
He sells his soul and walks through the halls like a reaper in disguise

Her father combs through sites and magazines searching for a job to do
With a glass full of alcohol to smoothen his dull mind
The world gives him side glances and pitiful whispers
As he tries to assure his family how their financial condition is fine

Her mother wakes up at 5 in the morning to get ready
For another day of work at the male-dominated office
She braces herself for all the sexist comments that might hit her on the way
Don’t you have to cook the meals and wash the dishes?

Her smile fades as she notices the epiphany that reaches my eyes
She shakes her head as she stares at a distance confirming my biggest fear
She pretends to be fine as she carries the world on her shoulder
Tries to shrug it off and pretend like the weight is not killing her.

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