Bone Marrow C

Storm clouds settle down on his eyelashes as his body floods with life
They flutter and they slowly spread apart and I see his eyes
Dark stains of lapis lazulis greet me back as I smile at him
And a crease forms on his flawless forehead, between his perfect brows
“What happened to your hair?”, my angel asks me with a worried look
His palms slowly slide over my newly-shaved head and a chill runs down my spine
His full lips droop at the sight of the scar that now runs between my neck
He worriedly searches my soul, his eyes lingering over my newly gained marks
“What happened to your neck?”, my baby asks me with a frown lining his features
He tries to get up and out of his sleeping position to embrace my cold self
And he winces, oh he winces, and my world starts blurring out as he lets out a little cry
His callused hands now travel down to the back of his neck as he feels a lump
“What did you do?”, my life asks me as his edges start to melt a little
I hold his hand and smile at my little boy as I begin to lose my senses
His warmth fills up my body and his love travels up to meet his eyes
The sudden realization of how he could suddenly get up, how his bones were suddenly strong enough to support him hits
And he cries
My baby cries
My baby cries and I slowly slip away
I slowly slip away, still in his arms, but so long gone.

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