Social Anxiety

What are you even afraid of?
Go on, step out of your comfort zone!
Do more of the things that scare you!
You’re a big girl now, aren’t you?

What I am,
Is a victim of social anxiety
Every stare that falls on my fragile soul scars
Every whisper that floats to my ear scalds

I see humans who care for none other than themselves
I see hollow vessels containing decayed flesh and putrid blood
I see shattered minds crawling up my bones and clawing on my skin
I see myself fading against the perpetual crowds and lonely towns

A sensation crawls up my toes and makes it way up my brain
Dragging with it the infinite fields of goosebumps and faltering strength
Causing quite an uproar within me and I cry in defiance
My mind screams at me to let go and my soul yearns to hold on

I can’t think of any solutions anymore
The sound of my pulse races through my ears and my body reverberates
I fall down a bottomless void and I know not what waits for me at the end
I fall and I fall and no one seems to help me get up.

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