the first

the sky wore a gray shroud of fluffy clouds
the howling winds whispered into my ear
the chivalrous sun took a bow and walked off the stage
and i leaned against the window.
i slid the heavy curtains open to look at the new world
a new world dressed in subtle shades of gloom and darkness
i heard a soft scream of thunder crawling towards me
followed by a waning glow of lightning in the clouds.
a single droplet of water made its way towards the swimming pool
causing millions of ripples to break out into a synchronized march
i heard the scampering paws of the scattering dogs who detected the rain
and the men running for shelter with their hands as an unsuccessful substitute for umbrellas.
whoosh! the wind said and the rains suddenly echoed
the droplets were no longer the wayward sprinkles of a taunting God
fat spheres of water dampened the world and washed away its sins
as petrichor drifted to my nose and i smiled at the commencement of the rains.

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  1. feifei says:

    I like this a lot!!

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