maybe, not

look at me and pluck out your eyeballs
what is it that you desire?
outstretched fingers graze your clenched fist
a scarcity of love unfurls in my chest and salt outlines your face
a ghost of a red scar right across your cracked façade
heartaches in abundance and torn gashes stare at you
scream, I hear raw pain
hold my hand and chop it off
I love you, maybe not
hunched into a stale sobbing ball
cry out my name and I’ll tuck you into bed
scream my name, let me hear the fickle wails of anguish
whisper and I’ll scratch out your vocal chords
decayed petals line my footsteps
formerly a rose, an inanimate doctor injects insomnia into me
a broken promise lingers around your window
I see crimson.

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