Ranting about educational institutions

dip the brush into the void on my wrist
thick strokes of babble and unintelligible words onto a paper that determines the future
stare at their glossy eyes and witness the cracking facade
you will not bully us into being silent.
she takes her last breath and she
plunges the sword into the heart of a squealing headmaster
the educational institution crumbles down and we all witness the rubble of an archaic nightmare
grades and standardized tests and worksheets lie chained in the corner of the dying room of the past
you will not succeed in turning us into humanoids.
studies on one side and education on another
one claws at our throats and the other empowers
she climbs onto the decaying ashes of the burning city and the zombies erupt into cheers
you can not take away our guitars and replace them with pens.
the souls of a million creative bodies shoot out of the barren land and rise to the sky
the skies thunder in appreciation and the rains wash our wounds
oh schools, your time on our home is up
you could not turn us into the humans that we promised ourselves we’d never be.

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