The rain flows down,
Washing away all the sins of the world,
Caressing the wounds left open by careless men,
Diminishing the flame of the ever-lit fury.
People scurry around like mice,
What do they fear?
Of getting trampled over by the gentle drops?
Or afraid of their own gentleness?
The peacocks dance in joy,
The farmers sing in pride.
The schools give away holidays,
The children make paper boats which flow through the water puddles,
The puddles of positivity and euphoria.
The trees sway in the air and bear delicious fruits,
The grass droplets shines like a million stars rest on it,
The roads in the woods are lined by stardust,
Mother nature smiles at her children.
Why not rejoice in this realm?
Why not say adieu to the everlasting sorrow?
Why not live in the moment and savor every moment?
As there comes an inevitable tomorrow (…)

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