H.old O.n P.ain E.nds #4 Boredom

Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity.
-Robert M. Pirsig

Y’all. How are you?

This week, it is boredom. Just boredom.
Waking up to the same black and white world, going to work in the same gray place, coming back home in the same dull bed and sleeping. In my previous poetry I talk about the same thing so to summarize what I’m going to talk about, y’all can go read it.
We do the same thing everyday, eat the same food everyday, get happy at the same thing everyday. We are paper dolls with paper emotions and we fake everything. When do we plan to get real? In this lifetime? Or not?
We go to school. Atleast we students do. Why? Most of you will say because your parents force you to. Tell me, honestly though, what is the point of school? Are you ever going to use algebra in your entire life? Or perhaps trigo? No. Education is important but school, not so much. I’ll tell you why we go to school. Because the society functions that way. Because we are robots and because we have to listen to what society implies. If we don’t, we are weird. We suffer from a mental condition called smartness. Oh yes, I’m not joking or trying to be badass. You do something different, something other than the monotonous tasks you are to do, you are tagged as being a maniac. Why? Why are we so afraid to change our thoughts, to change the way the world functions?
You might be so fed up with your live that you just want to end it. You might be so tired of the black and white world that you might be willing to do anything to turn it in the technicolor you always wanted. Even kill. Or drink yourself to death.
Go outside your house lovelies, look out to the sunshine. Plan a trip and go LIVE your life. This is not a desire, it is a necessity. This is not a want, it is a need. This is not greed, it is modesty. Don’t make your bodies suffer because of the society. Make a bucket list and run out of this life. Yes! Do it!
You don’t have a lot of time left honey, noone does. We all have a specific period of time after which the inevitable strikes. Don’t let the world get to you and your dreams. Do what you want to do, regardless of what the world says. You are a diamond, noone can break you! And then again, who knows when you fragile bodies fall to the ground, never to wake up again?


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