Sometimes I look out my window and wonder how the world would be if I never existed.

Would my brother still fight for the TV remote every night?
Would my father still have a strong aura of protectiveness surrounded?
Would my mother still have a eternal shoulder to lean on?
Would my grandparents still look at a little girl with twinkling and excited eyes?

And what about my friends?
Would they ever meet a crazy girl with a crumpled heart
With hopes and journeys flowing through her mind
And cowardliness slithering under her skin?

And my readers: you all,
Would you have a reason to smile every time you read a good post
Or perhaps on the foolishness and fearful mood swings of the author?
Would you cry with her and swim a wave a nostalgia every time she shook?

Would the animals be any unusual?
Would the trees wither and shake their heads
Would the world lack a leader that was never born
Or will I never make a difference?

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  1. anj1518 says:

    Adt- you are awesome!! My world would never have been the same without you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adt Patel says:

      Best. Daughter. Ever.
      Jkjk I love you too ❤


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