The Grim Reaper

Suns rise and fall
The earth shakes and a void opens in the ground
The seas and oceans hurl their furies on towns and cities
The clouds thunder and the raindrops lash at us
Hills and mountains crumble down in agony
Volcanoes erupt and set out a river of crimson fire
Trees wither and disintegrate, shaking their leaves
Caves gape and widen their eyes, petrified
Animals howl in anguish and run around places they shouldn’t be in
People look at the lords and ask for forgiveness
Buildings are sliced down, floor by floor
The world ends slowly, amplifying the fear in the minds of all
A symphony of destruction plays midst of the events
The inevitable is just at the end of the path we’re walking on
A monster looms over all our heads, the grim reaper lends his hand
And a black blessing overpowers our lives
As we slip on, carry on, give way
To death.

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    1. Adt Patel says:

      Then my job here is done 🙂

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